Saturday, October 19, 2019

Certificate IV in Credit Management (FNS40111) project Essay

Certificate IV in Credit Management (FNS40111) project - Essay Example Research these sites to identify similar products to the ones you have listed and their features. The available home loans in Commonwealth Bank include Standard Variable Rate Home Loan, No Fee Variable Rate Home Loan, Fixed Rate Home Loan, Veridian Line of Credit, Introductory Rate Home Loan, Equity Unlock, Customize with loan add-ons, and Investment loan options. RAMS Home Loans offers to types of loans: Fixed Rate Home Loan and Full feature Home Loan. Loans available in ANZ include Simplicity PLUS Home Loan, ANZ Variable Rate Home Loan, ANZ Fixed Rate Home Loan, ANZ Breakfree Home Loan Package. Commonwealth Bank differs with other Australian banks since it has a unique twist to the types of loans offered. ANZ’s personal loans include Variable Rate Personal Loan, Fixed Rate Personal Loan, ANZ Car Loans, ANZ Overdrafts, and Debt Consolidation. Commonwealth Bank has four types of personal loans: Fixed Rate Loan, Variable Rate Loan, Secured Car Loan, and Personal Overdrafts. RAMS does not give direct personal loans since it receives much of its funding for home loans from Westpac Bank Community. Therefore, the personal loans under Westpac will apply. Westpac offers 3 types of personal loans: Westpac Flexi Loan, Westpac Unsecured Personal Loan, and Westpac Secured Personal Loan. From the banks listed above, ANZ offers sacral options of personal loans. In the Credit Card category, ANZ offers products such as Low Rate, Low Fee, Rewards, Frequent Flyer, Prepaid Cards, Business cards, and Debit Cards. Commonwealth Bank has credit offers such as Low Rate, Low Fee, Awards and Small Businesses. In total, there are 9 choices of credit cards to be chosen from. Credit cards in Westpac include Low Rate, 55 Day Credit Card, Earth Platinum Credit Card, Singapore Airlines Westpac Platinum, Earth Credit Card, Altitude Card, 55 Day Platinum Credit Card, Altitude Business Gold Credit Card, and GM Holden MasterCard. From the options above, Westpac has the most

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