Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recycling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Recycling - Essay Example ce and prevent waste of materials that are useful, minimizes the usage of new raw material minimizes energy usage, air pollution and water pollution and reduced green house effect in comparison to the production of plastic. The key component of the modern waste elimination is recycling (PORTER, 1985). Recycling of glass is the process by which waste glass are turned into some usable products. The waste glass is separated by different chemical compositions. These may also be sorted into various colors. Often recyclers gather glass of different colors separately as glass has a tendency to retain its original color even after being recycled. The glass mostly used for consumer containers include green glass, brown glass and colorless glass (PORTER, 1985). Glass is in very huge amount in industrial and household waste because of its high density and weight. The components of glass in these wastes are usually broken glassware, bottles, bulbs and many more items. A very huge amount of this waste is due to the manual ways of making glass object that has a very high defect rate. Recycling of glass uses lower energy than making glass either from lime, sand or soda (PORTER, 1985). In a home renovation, the effective management of waste infrastructure is needed for treatment and collection where it can be used as a raw material. If we want to renovate our home, so we will first think about what infrastructures can be modified or not; and about glass and wood in the house. Each year in Europe about 1.2 million glass waste tones is producing by renovation and demolition of the buildings. Glass amounts to 0.66% of demolition and construction of the continent of Europe. Either you can dispose the glass off or renovate it. Dismantling is the procedure when glass is taken away from the home and taken away by its kind as per the planned end use. Cullet processing is the time when incomplete quantities of Demolition and Construction glass are used as in there is not a standardized

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