Friday, October 18, 2019

Whether the personal consciousness survives death Essay

Whether the personal consciousness survives death - Essay Example â€Å"[T]here is life after death† (Weintrub). The personal consciousness survives the death, and its satisfaction depends upon the goodness of deeds the individual performed in this world when he/she was alive. After death, an angel takes the soul out of the body and escorts it to either of the two places, one of which is meant for the good souls and the other for the bad souls. While the soul is taken out of the body, it still maintains a connection with it. The body is buried in the earth in the grave. Inside the grave, the dead body is exposed to different kinds of circumstances depending upon the kinds of deeds the person performed in the world while he/she was alive. The grave of a person who performs good deeds expands so that the person does not get suffocated inside the grave. In fact, the grave is enlightened with the light and fragrance of the heaven. Although the soul is departed from the dead body and it is only the dead body that is buried in the grave, yet the soul can feel just the same whatever the dead body does. Hence, the soul of a good person feels all the pleasures and peace that the dead body is blessed with. On the other hand, the grave in which the dead body of a ba d person is placed becomes narrower and narrower until it pressed the body so hard that the bones become dislocated and merge into one another. Again, all of this happens to the dead body, yet the soul can feel all the pain that it would had it been inside the dead body. Although consciousness survives the death, yet there are limits to it. One cannot say for sure that the soul can hear the cries of the relatives who mourn over the person’s death while the dead body is being buried or later. However, there is no doubt in the fact that the soul cannot reply any human being once it has been taken out of the body. The soul can feel the pain or joy depending upon the deeds the individual did when alive.

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